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Contact me about purchasing or commissioning an original painting.

As a young child living in places such as Izmir, Turkey (Izmir Air Station) and Warner Robins, Georgia (Robins Air Force Base), I saw many beautiful sites. However, it was when I moved to Colorado, that I fell in love with the wildlife and beauty that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. I studied fine art and graphic design at Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While attending CSU, I was able to study art history at the Palais Kinsky in Vienna, Austria and had the amazing opportunity to visit many of the incredible art museums throughout Europe. 


As a wildlife artist, I like to capture a glimpse of the constantly changing world and illustrate a moment in time through my paintings. I take my own photo references of animals, whether in their natural environment or in captivity. I then use my imagination and put them back into a landscape that I would enjoy seeing them. The challenge is to creatively bring together reality, imagination, medium, and technique to produce something that will make the audience feel like they are part of that story. I combine detail, structure and abstract freedom, which creates crisp yet vibrant images.  Through my art, I hope to show people the beauty I see in God’s creation!

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